‘protected static’ is: a goth-geek-programmer who lives in Seattle. He codes, he blogs, he reads science fiction, he enjoys noir-esque film. His politics run to the pink side of things. He is old enough to know better; he is also old enough to not care what you think.

‘protected static’ is: a parent.

‘protected static’ is: a programming term designating the scope of a class member – protected members are visible only to the declaring class and any classes derived from them, while static members are created before the class is instantiated.

‘protected static’ is: a bad idea.

‘protected static’ is: free speech, and therefore (in theory) protected. It is also probably more noise than signal, and therefore (in practice) static.

‘protected static’ is: a work in progress. Your mileage may vary. Performance shown is not typical. Offer void in Alabama, Utah, and Mississippi. Cash value of US$0.0001, redeemable at the retailer. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other acronym.

updated 2 June 2008 to rectify an oversight:
‘protected static’ may be reached at ‘static’ followed by the ‘at’ symbol, followed by ‘protectedstatic’ followed by, yes, the good old ‘dot-com.’ (Hey, if you don’t know what an email address looks like in this day and age, get the hell off the internet, or put training wheels on your computer or something. Also, this being a blog and all, please feel free to leave a comment on any newer post until I get a CGI ‘Contact Me’ form working properly.)