Not that I’d gloat or anything…

No, scratch that; I would.

This evening’s blast from the past was brought to you by my referrer log…

Remember that jackass troll, John H McConnel Jr and his third-rate social networking site, I got a visitor tonight who was referred here by a Google search for, and yes, I’m still in the first few results for that abomination.

Evidently they crashed and burned. Who would have guessed?

Clearly I’m a small-minded fool who doesn’t understand the internet.

4 Responses to “Not that I’d gloat or anything…”

  1. spyderkl Says:

    Huh. What a surprise! /snicker

    Hey, gloat away. I’d say they deserve it.

  2. Dean Says:


    I want my own troll, someone to show up and call me a small-minded fool, or maybe some flavour of Nazi.

  3. protected static Says:

    @spyderkl: I just wonder what quantity of other people’s money they pissed away in the process…

    @Dean: persistent trolls suck. Hit-and-run trolls, like Mr. John H McConnel Jr, can at least provide some degree of entertainment.

  4. Dean Says:

    I wonder where Mr John H McConnel Jr is now, since eDouchebagLifestyles seems to be toast.

    Oh, he’s a ‘managing partner’ at something called Uinta.

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