YADM (Yet Another Developmental Milestone)

Behold: The Boy’s first programming book. Which he requested by name.

Scratch Programming for Teens

My feelings are… mixed.

3 Responses to “YADM (Yet Another Developmental Milestone)”

  1. Doug Says:

    What’s the programming language?

    I wish Jake’s school would teach him some programming. Instead, they’re wasting time on Word and Excel :)

  2. protected static Says:

    It’s Scratch. I don’t know how well it would hold Jake’s attention. The Boy loves it, but it’s very point-and-click/graphical, and not terribly algorithmic. I suspect Jake would respond more to a more conventional programming language, with all the additional challenges of grammar and syntax that that entails…

  3. Doug Says:

    Before we got him into Real School, I mean back when we were homeschooling, I found what seemed like a good Lisp book* and he was self-teaching from that. Not half bad at it, although I don’t think he got too far (perhaps 100 pages into the book) before we had to stop.

    I really wish they’d offer some sort of programming at his high school. And forget trying to give him some extracurricular work . . . his evenings are quite full, what with,, mafiascum, and The Spoony Experiment (his various internet haunts).

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