Gimme some tongue, baby!

Beef tongue, to be precise… With even greater degrees of precision, a beef tongue sandwich, a torta de lengue, if my non-existent Spanish skills are correct-ish. I’ve been working up the courage to order one of these puppies for a while; today, at the local taco truck, I finally did.

It was very tasty – I’ll definitely do it again. The roll wasn’t as crusty as I like, but the tongue was delicious: meltingly soft, braised with onions and a hint of what I think was cinnamon, cut into delicate beefy chunks. It reminded me of the best parts of a great pot roast, only softer…

Also, it seems only appropriate that an occasion as momentous as losing one’s tongue cherry be marked by adding a long-overdue ‘food’ category. YMMV.

[edited upon realizing that WP ate my food category. FYWP.]

2 Responses to “Gimme some tongue, baby!”

  1. Pat J Says:

    My in-laws have a beef/dairy farm. One day they said, “c’mon over, we’re having roast beef”. So we went. It was the moistest roast beef ever.

    After supper, my wife said, “That was tongue.”

    I said, “Oh? Oh.”

    She said, “Would you eat it again?”

    I said, “If you didn’t tell me in advance, yeah, I would.”

  2. Doug Says:

    I blogged on beef tongue in my early blogging days. There, I’ve summarized Julia Child’s prep method. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s an experience not unlike boiling your first lobster or crab . . . just something every cook should experience, IMO. It takes a few days to do it all proper, not unlike making a duck confit (another must-do experience), but in the end you’ll have a marvelous soup and so much tongue you’ll be freezing it in batches to keep it from going to waste.

    Oh how I miss tongue. (I’ve become allergic to beef.) I can leave steak and all other beef products behind, but I dream of tongue.

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