Silly String Bleg

Anyone have any idea why a Java Swing GUI would be displaying “é” as a “Þ”? I’m guessing it’s an encoding issue of some sort… .NET is displaying them all as “é” but not Java.


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  1. Stephen Spencer Says:

    [edited to add: Hey, Stephen! Found your comments in my spam trap! (Looks like Askimet eated ’em because they only had links… If you’d had some text, too, they might have been flagged for review instead of just sent to the bit bucket.)]

  2. Pat J Says:

    I took a quick look at some character tables (UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1, specifically), and there should be no overlap. é and Þ are at different code points.

    So in short, I’m no help whatever.

  3. protected static Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t figure that one out, but I think it was a combination of encoding issues: the UI was displaying something incorrectly, and the bug report that was filed got messed up because of encoding problems between email clients…

    OTOH, I did get some helpful Unicode-related pointers from a friend who was unable to leave a comment (thanks, Stephen!). Can I just say that while I understand the need for something *like* Unicode, it still sucks raw moose. Whoever thought that being able to include style and/or locale-related encoding in a character was a good idea needs to be beaten about the head and neck with a large fish. Or a large fist. I’m not feeling fussy.

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