Happy birthday, Hugo

From the Pacific Science Center’s Calendar of Science for August:

August 16, 1884 – Birthday of the American author Hugo Gernsback, who invented the term science fiction and who edited the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories.

…and in the process, changed the lives of geeks forever.

(via PacSci’s Calendar of Science Twitter feed)

3 Responses to “Happy birthday, Hugo”

  1. dean Says:

    The Gernsback really needs to be a unit of something, doesn’t it?

    yeah, it does

  2. protected static Says:


  3. Pat J Says:

    Perhaps the Gernsback could be a unit of mass used for wood pulp, so that magazines of a certain type could be listed as weighing, say, 1.0 Gbk (equivalent to about 200 pages).

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