New commenting system

At the prompting of Toast, I’m mucking about with a new, threaded commenting system: Intense Debate. Among other things, Intense Debate allows you to follow someone’s comments across all blogs that have this system installed.

All comments to date have been converted to this system. The most any of y’all should notice is that the comment user interface is slightly different; for instance, it supports Gravatars, something this blog’s theme didn’t do. So far, the only thing I’ve noticed that it adds a little lag time when the page loads.

Feel free to treat this post as a testbed for the new system. Or not, as the fancy strikes you.

[Update @ 31 Jul 2008 2143 PDT – officially, the following tags are supported in comments: <a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <p>, <blockquote>, <br>, <strong>, <strike>, and <img>. Some appear to be supported better than others (I’m looking at you, <p>…).]

[Update @ 1 Aug 2008 2032 PDT – I was requiring ‘first’ comments to be approved; unfortunately, it seems that I.D. doesn’t recognize previously approved comments. Sorry, y’all. I’m turning that feature off. The verdict so far? Meh. I don’t know that threading and reputation are worth the somewhat lackluster feature set and the performance drag… I’ll give this a little while longer, but I’m also going to take a look @ Disqus. I suspect I’ll find similar issues there, whereupon I return to the standard, plain vanilla WP comments. It’s an interesting idea, but the platforms aren’t mature enough – at the very least, this one isn’t mature enough – for my liking.]

13 Responses to “New commenting system”

  1. protected static Says:

    The comment importer didn't like HTML in comments. Does the actual input box? Italics, bold, <del>del</del>, <ins>ins</ins>, link. ” target=”_blank”>”>link.


    A centered paragraph with an image: <p align="center"><img src="” target=”_blank”>">

  2. protected static Says:

    Ok, then. No support for del and ins tags, which is too bad since they can be used for humorous effect. The p tag in comments I can live without, and being able to insert images is kind of cool.

  3. protected static Says:

    An unordered list: <ul> <li>item 1</li> <li>item 2</li> <li>item 3</li> <li>item 4</li> <li>item 5</li> <li>item 6</li> </ul>

  4. protected static Says:

    Note to self: no lists in posts, unordered or otherwise.

  5. spyderkl Says:

    This looks interesting. I didn't notice a big difference in the load time – but it might have been because I came here from a RSS reader.

  6. t4toby Says:

    I have so much to learn about this series of tubes&copy;. &sect; &micro;

  7. t4toby Says:

    It doesn't seem to like HTML entities. And it doesn't support the Firefox auto-fill feature. That's about as far as I can test it.

  8. t4toby Says:

    I'll try the numbers:


  9. t4toby Says:

    WTF?? Where'd my comments go?

  10. protected static Says:

    Sorry… The first 'new' comment needed to be approved, and I.D. doesn't recognize imported comments as having previously been approved. I think I'm going to turn that feature off. Also, that's too bad about not supporting entities. So far, I'm not so impressed with I.D.

  11. Doug Says:

    What's gravatar — that thumbs up – thumbs down thingy?

  12. protected static Says:

    Nah, it's a company WordPress acquired. Gravatars are the little picture thingies that multiple commenting platforms recognize. The thumbs-up/-down buttons are a reputation system, sort of like the Daily Kos points system.

  13. jason Says:

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