Well… When you put it *that* way…

No secret: I like gadgets. I like simple gadgets best, but I do like me some gadgety-goodness. And so it was that when I went to our local MegaBigBoxHomeSupplyStore to return a light fixture we weren’t going to need, I found myself wandering around in the hand tool section and I discovered a cell phone belt pouch that I had to have.

Woo-hoo! I escaped with less than $10 in damage! w00t!


You see, I hate carrying my phone in my pocket, but I’m really hard on your typical belt cases. But one? I don’t think I could break this puppy without tools. It’s high-density ballistic nylon, with a seriously strong belt clip, and it’s got elasticized loops for holding additional stuff as well as inside pockets that could hold credit cards or whatever. If you wanted to ditch the wallet, this pouch could easily do double duty.

Yeah, it’s on the big side, but I’m not going for fashion points here… I’ve stashed a $20 in it, and it holds some of the other stuff I like to carry perfectly – I carry a Spyderco folding knife, along with a ballpoint-sized version of the Fisher Space Pen, and I can put both of these in the pouch. In fact, I find the pouch preferable to my pocket for carrying the knife: even though WA law permits me to carry a knife on my person, I like having it out in the open. It’s far more obvious on the outside of the pouch than the belt clip is peeking out over my pants pocket…

Well, The Boy likes gadgets too, so I wasn’t surprised when I found him looking at the pouch coveteously a couple of mornings ago.

“Dad, is that yours.”
“That’s pretty cool how it holds all your stuff like that.”
“Yeah, and it’s got this loop on the other side where I’m thinking of adding a small flashlight.” (One of those micro-MagLights would fit perfectly… but I digress.)
“Ooh, then you’d be ready for anything.” (pause) “Well, not anything. Anything where you needed to cut something or talk to someone or write something or see in the dark.”


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