30-second science blogging: Having kids warps your brain

No! Really?

P[arenting] has obvious effects on mothers, but fathers appear to be affected, too. A study published this week shows that fatherhood increases the nerve connections in the region of the brain that controls goal-driven behaviour—at least, it does in marmosets.

I mean really… as a parent, I had no doubt that fatherhood rewired my brain.

Seriously, though – it’s worth a click… It dovetails nicely with some of the research around involved fathers – for instance, the more engaged a father is with the day-to-day raising of offspring, the less likely he is to harm them… Changing diapers & assisting with feedings on a regular basis has got to have a major impact on the way you perceive your child, and since there’s a whole chicken/egg-style feedback loop that goes on with thoughts and brain structure (thoughts influence brain structure, brain structure influences thoughts, back and forth, round and round), I would be so not surprised if similar-ish changes could be seen in human brains.

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