Dear Brad Goehring…

So – you wish you could issue hunting licenses to “thin the herd” of liberals, huh?

Thin this, motherfucker.

Oh, sure. Now that you’ve been caught, you say you meant it metaphorically and hit “Share” too soon. Given that these:

have been around for a while (and are hot sellers at mainstream conservative events like CPAC), let’s just say I’m not buying it.

And while you’re at it, howzabout you take a look at the Wikipedia summary of “The Most Dangerous Game,” eh? If you feel up to it, personally I’d recommend the actual story – but based on your professed inability to operate Facebook’s UI, I’m assuming you’ll find the summary easier to handle.

2 Responses to “Dear Brad Goehring…”

  1. Toast Says:

    I just keep reminding myself that these are the same people that think Sarah Palin is qualified to lead their party into the 21st century.

  2. protected static Says:

    That may be even scarier… :-)

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